“Understanding our own strengths is enlightening. Appreciating the strengths of others is transformational.”   – Debbie Donaldson

The following is a review on Amazon from a fan of Superpowers Activated:

By LuckyVegas
“Focusing on each of the 52 Superpowers – whether as daily or weekly “lesson” will place you in the wonderful energy of how the Universe is always working for you. The book is designed to concentrate on each of the Superpowers in a pragmatic and concentrated way. You will see (as I have) that blessings are attracted TO you, with little outwardly appearing effort on your part. It’s as though there is a real magic working through you. Change your perspective, change your life. You have found this book for a reason and will get the rewards of this workbook when you concentrate your heart, mind and spirit into each of the Superpowers.
Superpowers Activated is a wonderful gift for someone who feels “struck” in any way…with love, career, health, spiritual growth or even to help you understand your purpose in life. The author herself is not operating on “theory,” she’s living proof that there is true power in concentrating on each Superpower gift.

Excellent journey into YOUR potential.”

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