Superpowers365.com is a life resource celebrating our best — for good.

Human Superpowers are the many gifts and talents we are born with. They are also the skills we develop through experiences along our life’s journey.

Over time on Superpowers365.com you’ll find articles, videos, podcasts, interviews how-to’s and more. Each post will address activating Superpowers that impact three key areas of living: our health, wealth and loves.  This is a resource for everyone passionate about inspired, empowered living.

Note from founder and author Debbie Donaldson

I have worked for Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies throughout my career leading sales, marketing and editorial teams to success.  As publisher of industry leading business publications, I’ve had the opportunity of gaining valuable business and life insights from many successful leaders throughout my career.

I’m an avid fan of author’s Denis Waitley, Dale Carnegie, Peter Drucker, Marcus Buckingham, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins, Amy Cuddy, and believe we all possess the power of success regardless of challenging circumstances or life choices.

In my book Superpowers Activated – Discovering the Magic, publishing  January 2018, you’ll learn how I came to discover Superpowers and how they are activated within us.

While completing my book, I became passionate about my quest to recognize, identify and activate Superpowers.  I also became committed to connecting with others. Conquering the debilitating dark forces we all face, like fear and despair is just easier together.

I am a survivor of child abuse, bullying, cancer and diabetes. I’m also a survivor of my own poor choices along life’s path.

There are hundreds of thousands of people suffering at the hands of oppressors every day. Whether those oppressors are unenlightened people, debilitating afflictions or deadly diseases, every person has within them the Superpowers to begin to change, improve and heal.

My belief is that each person reading this is ready to begin discovering the magic of activating their own Superpowers. Like me, you may find it easier to begin by recognizing Superpowers within others that you respect or admire. Hopefully, you’ll soon find it just as easy and even more empowering to recognize your own Superpowers.

Every person you encounter benefits in some way by the Superpowers within you that are activated.

As we walk our own paths continuing to activate our unique Superpowers for good, the journey will not always be easy. However, it is possible to conquer the dark side together.

Have you overcome adversities you’d like to share? Tell us about it at Superpowers365.com/contact

Let’s do this,

Debbie Donaldson, Champion for Good