Superpowers 365 produces personal and professional success communications with a focus on better health, greater wealth and lasting relationships.

Human Superpowers are the many gifts and talents we are born with, combined with the knowledge and skills we develop through experiences along our life’s journey. The contributors to the Superpowers 365 content freely share their expertise and talents in the spirit of helping others develop their own Superpowers.

The company was founded in January 2018 and here’s what we’ve been up to so far…

  • Founded a book publishing division by acquiring the rights to publish Superpowers Activated – Discovering the Magic by author and Superpowers 365 founder Debbie Donaldson.
  • Launched the e-newsletter CONNECTIONS, a weekly digital newsletter chock full of resources and people to know.
  • Coming Soon
    • 365 Ways To Stay Inspired
    • B2Bentrepreneur.org

Debbie Donaldson, Founder & CEO

“Everyone has within them the Superpowers to heal, experience pure joy and succeed in life.”


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