Morning salute

Sunrise Vero Beach, FL

When Jennifer Mouso shared this sunrise photo with me, I loved it and thought it looked like the sky was saluting.

When she told me she had volunteered to teach an early morning religious education class for teenage students, I loved it even more. It seemed like the heavens were giving her a high-five for doing good.

If you get the chance, give a teacher a high-five for doing good. Especially the volunteers who give their time and love to children who will be reflecting that love back as tomorrow’s adults.

Below is the uncropped image with a family of ducks on the lake. You can follow Jennifer on Instagram @fl.azjennm.

Saluting you today!

Debbie Donaldson
Champion for Good

P.S. Do you have a sunrise photo on your phone begging to be seen? Send it to us and we’ll share it for you. Just let us know your name and where you took it. Click here to share.

Sunrise Vero Beach, FL Morning Salute
Sunrise Vero Beach, FL photo by Jennifer Mouso

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