Making a difference

Check out the Somos Live! Benefit concert October 14, 2017. The sold-out concert will air on NBC, BET and other stations in support of hurricane relief efforts for the people of Puerto Rico.

When we work together, we make a difference.

Sunrise in Rincon, Puerto Rico
Sunrise Believe

Nothing in my life compares to the devastation people of Puerto Rico are experiencing in the aftermath of hurricane Maria this year.

This beautiful photograph was taken by Cipriana Williams just seven months before the hurricane destroyed the entire island. The sunrise is likely still just as glorious every day there. However, if the camera were turned in the other direction, we would see a dramatically different view.

“What happened in Texas and Florida were disasters,” said W. Craig Fugate, who was FEMA administrator under President Barack Obama. “What happened in Puerto Rico was a catastrophe.” Read more in this NY Times article.

There are many people doing incredible good to help the people of Puerto Rico. Here are just a few. Click on their names to learn more…


Debbie Donaldson
Champion for Good

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